Pawnshop Cash in hand immediately.

עגילים וטבעת
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Pledge of values.

We carry out transactions quickly and give the maximum cost for our valuables.

Luxury watches on bail.

Having financial difficulties and don’t know, where you can get cash quickly?

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Need money now?

Deposit • Gold • Diamonds • Luxury Watches • Luxury Goods • Antiques and Silver Call now

We also buy gold and silver scrap.

We will buy jewelry and broken products made of precious metals. We buy precious metals as well.

We guarantee a fair price.

We buy jewelry with diamonds - rings, necklaces, bracelets.

Want to buy what you see on the site?

Interested in acquiring jewelry, valuables, and special luxuries? Buy from us - we do delivery all over the country.

What is  special about gold?

Everyone has financial difficulties from time to time when you cannot get a loan from a bank. We know how important it is to receive money immediately when it is really necessary. Get a loan today, just get the valuables to a pawnshop. The pawnshop is located parallel to the Tel Aviv embankment.

We can help you today.

We will give money on the bail of your valuables or we will redeem them for cash.


Diamond rings, collectibles, antiques and silver Contact us


Buying and selling jewelry with diamonds Contact us


Cash on hand immediately. Gold items, luxury watches and antique items



Selling jewelry. Jewelry or valuables that are gathering dust in your closet can cost more than you think. We buy all kinds of gold, silver and diamonds. Even scrap of gold and silver. We will buy all kinds of gold. From 14 to 24 carats. We will evaluate any thing and give a fair price. We will accept any jewelry of any shape. Gold, diamonds, silver. We accept any valuables



We are a grandfather, father and son, and we work as one team. A family-owned business that began in 1995 and has an excellent reputation for 25 years.  There are reliable and experienced luxury valuers. We have a large clientele. We serve customers efficiently and speak 5 languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, Romanian, French.



Do you have jewelry / luxury watches / silverware / other valuables? Call us today for an expert free and non-binding assessment! Why choose us? We have over 25 years of experience, professionalism and exceptional reliability. That’s why we come first.


To make an appointment in advance to get maximum attention, call: 052-2502809

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Such a pledge is a quick solution to temporary financial difficulties when a bank loan is not available. You get the most out of your property! This is beneficial, the transaction takes place as soon as possible, and you immediately receive cash in hand. Your property is valued by our experts. Our business is reliable and time-tested! At Gold Point we have been serving customers for 25 years !!! We give the maximum estimate of value, and you get cash immediately on hand.